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10/31/19 - Daily slice of life photos for October 2019

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id: 55002
Working on the Challenger episode while watching the EVA
id: 55003
Neil is very sick. His kidneys have been failing and right before this photo he had what we think was a seizure. He's hanging in there but it was very scary
id: 55004
Poor little Neil
id: 55005
Dan drew this space shuttle. Not bad!
id: 55006
Neil! Despite being sick he still enjoys sitting together
id: 55007
Hey little buddy
id: 55008
Neil! That penetrating stare
id: 55009
The Space Above Us finally arrived at the Challenger episodes
id: 55010
Neil at the vet
id: 55011
So curious
id: 55012
I think that's some test equipment for Restore!
id: 55013
Mysterious abandoned astronaut at Capitol Tech
id: 55014
You lost, little guy?
id: 55015
I added a New Glenn sticker to my water bottle
id: 55016
I met a TSAU listener when he was visiting GSFC from England! Cadair!
id: 55017
Time to fly
id: 55018
id: 55019
What city is this?
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