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11/02/19 - Hanging out with James in Orlando. The Millennium Falcon is pretty cool

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id: 55020
Time to buy a plant?
id: 55021
James likes plants
id: 55022
James hates photos
id: 55023
Hey little plant
id: 55024
Want some Christmas stuff?
id: 55025
Santa selfie! James hates this picture cause it makes his arm look gigantic
id: 55026
Me and James! It was around this time on my last trip that my appendix started to go
id: 55027
Not mine, not little. Just pony
id: 55028
id: 55029
James loves Disney
id: 55030
Hey I remember that place
id: 55031
It's that other Buzz
id: 55032
Look at the size of those toys, that's so funny
id: 55033
Slinky dog!
id: 55034
The shading on this ball is so realistic
id: 55035
I'm not the biggest Star Wars guy, but just being able to wander around a Star Wars setting in real life is pretty cool
id: 55036
Topaz knows what's up
id: 55037
Chilling out at Mos Eisley, or whatever
id: 55038
Is this a warning to droids?
id: 55039
In the Star Wars universe, all buildings need random umbilical hookups
id: 55040
What even is this
id: 55041
id: 55042
Lots of domes
id: 55043
Got it
id: 55044
Is it rude to push buttons on other peoples' houses?
id: 55045
Well that's the Millennium Falcon
id: 55046
It's a nice looking spaceship
id: 55047
The cockpit on the side of the Falcon
id: 55048
I love the detail
id: 55049
Looks sort of like air conditioners on the front of the tongs
id: 55050
I like how even the fire extinguisher signage are in-character
id: 55051
Readable Font Wanted
id: 55052
I love all the cables and hoses
id: 55053
Looks sort of like when the shuttle was in the OPF
id: 55054
Space Traffic Control?
id: 55055
I don't like this ship cause it looks like it's looking at me
id: 55056
Big gun
id: 55057
This place is a mess
id: 55058
Long line, but interesting stuff to look at
id: 55059
Big engine
id: 55060
Nice viewout the window
id: 55061
So much detail on top of the Millennium Falcon
id: 55062
What are those actuators for onthe back?
id: 55063
A Star Wars vista
id: 55064
So many hoses
id: 55065
Weird robot person
id: 55066
Hey we're in the Millennium Falcon!
id: 55067
It's that table with the holo-chess
id: 55068
James wouldn't sit for the photo
id: 55069
It was cool to just be milling around the Millennium Falcon
id: 55070
Distinctive hallways
id: 55071
It's that laser ball thing that kept zapping Luke!
id: 55072
The exit signs sort of take us out of it but what can they do
id: 55073
The floor lighting is cool
id: 55074
Love the vector graphics
id: 55075
Time to fly the Falcon! Unfortunately it was mostly steered by this kid, who needed a few lessons
id: 55076
James love rides
id: 55077
And away we go!
id: 55078
This photo expresses how much movement and jostling there was
id: 55079
James and I were the flight engineers and kept the ship in perfect working order!
id: 55080
It really is a nice looking ship
id: 55081
It's fun trying to find ways to frame it that don't include any people
id: 55082
Neat lighting
id: 55083
Blue x-wing!
id: 55084
Nice landing pad
id: 55085
A land vehicle?
id: 55086
Let's ride the new gondola thing
id: 55087
Is this one full of rats?
id: 55088
Whoa, I didn't notice the giant distorted image of myself in the reflection
id: 55089
Check out the beautiful view of the parking lot
id: 55090
It's a nice way to get around
id: 55091
The tram is sort of fun
id: 55092
Time to build a crazy pizza
id: 55093
James with Lola!
id: 55094
Lola want a treat?
id: 55095
Lola want a treat!
id: 55096
James is stressed by board games
id: 55097
Victor's got a lot of board games
id: 55098
I'm sure he loves photos
id: 55099
Hi James
id: 55100
Which animal are you?
id: 55101
I got one of those fancy ice balls!
id: 55102
id: 55103
Paul and Mariah like games
id: 55104
Paul's amazing painting of Lola
id: 55105
Is that Spyro on Russell's shirt?
id: 55106
Everyone loves Lola
id: 55107
Lola, relax!
id: 55108
Russell's got to head out
id: 55109
More awkward photos of James
id: 55110
I have no idea why I took this photo
id: 55111
Nap time for doggos
id: 55112
This game was too confusing for me in my tired and inebriated state
id: 55113
Victor's going to take over this neighborhood. Or whatever
id: 55114
Apparently my iPad is serving as a table?
id: 55115
Victor's impressive board game backpack
id: 55116
id: 55117
Hey little trash panda!
id: 55118
Wait.. what
id: 55119
Want to sit in this seat? It goes a little higher than this
id: 55120
id: 55121
What a weird status. Clever though
id: 55122
Those seats are much higher now
id: 55123
500 REAL skeletons?
id: 55124
James and Madonna
id: 55125
Looking good, James
id: 55126
Look at all these gears!
id: 55127
You'd think that air hockey with 50 pucks would be really fun but it was just sort of stressful
id: 55128
I used my tickets to get a parachute man
id: 55129
Let's rewind the clock by about 20 years
id: 55130
The chute is open!
id: 55131
He's gonna make it!
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