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11/09/19 - Goran and Ryan get married!

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id: 55411
I met up with Ryan and Goran early in the day so we could get some photos before the main event
id: 55412
Of course, we stopped for some coffee
id: 55413
Is that where the Status of Liberty is?
id: 55414
Oh they found it
id: 55415
"THERE it is"
id: 55416
They also found the sun
id: 55417
This looks less like Titanic and more like a coffee-spraying Heimlich maneuver
id: 55418
Two long distance runners
id: 55419
Also superheroes
id: 55420
Ryan knows how to be photogenic
id: 55421
We stopped for tiny key lime pies from a place in Brooklyn known for their excellent key lime pies. It was excellent!
id: 55422
Ryan does his Bernie Sanders impression
id: 55423
Goran is cosplaying as their Airbnb house
id: 55424
Heading to the venue
id: 55425
Joe's here!
id: 55426
id: 55427
The cooking made a little smoke, leading to volumetric light!
id: 55428
Ryan reviews his speech
id: 55429
Goran's grandfather made a special type of brandy that was bottled when he was born
id: 55430
It was made for his wedding day, so it's time to drink!
id: 55431
The cake and rings
id: 55432
Hi Ryan
id: 55433
Goran's parents are here!
id: 55434
Goran's dad is having a good time
id: 55435
Gotta take photos while everyone looks snazzy
id: 55436
Ryan's ready to rock
id: 55437
How do bow ties even work?
id: 55438
They're very complicated
id: 55439
Tie check
id: 55440
Ryan's needs some adjustment
id: 55441
Ready to go!
id: 55442
The rings, Super Mario themed!
id: 55443
Ah yes, the Church of All of the Above
id: 55444
Selfie time!
id: 55445
Everyone got a glass of the special brandy
id: 55446
The officiant sure is a snappy dresser
id: 55447
Ryan made plenty of normal faces, but you gotta post the goofy ones
id: 55448
I've never seen a couple so relaxed at their wedding
id: 55449
Jokes abounded
id: 55450
Everyone gathered around to watch and listen
id: 55451
Goran's mom snaps a photo
id: 55452
Someone's phone went off.. it was Goran's!!
id: 55453
Ryan is a man of many faces
id: 55454
They're both having fun
id: 55455
"Who told you.."
id: 55456
The big moment is upon us!
id: 55457
Aaaand kiss
id: 55458
id: 55459
They did it
id: 55460
Brandy time!
id: 55461
Goran's friends were great DJs
id: 55462
Brandy no more
id: 55463
Suspicious group photos?
id: 55464
Ryan is maybe a little too excited
id: 55465
Goran's mom is having a good time
id: 55466
Ryan looks like he's about to go sing in a lounge in the 1940s
id: 55467
Mother in law dance!
id: 55468
Max is here and so is his outrageous hair
id: 55469
CJ's brandy reaction
id: 55470
Bloo and Zoe are here!
id: 55471
Let's have snacks and enjoy good company
id: 55472
id: 55473
What do you think of the brandy, Bloo?
id: 55474
Good times were had by all
id: 55475
Speech time
id: 55476
id: 55477
Everyone gathered around to share the love
id: 55478
id: 55479
id: 55480
Is Ryan singing along?
id: 55481
Dancing to bella ciao
id: 55482
Goran's dad is hilarious
id: 55483
Oh no, Joe has things to say
id: 55484
id: 55485
Goran is nervous
id: 55486
Nothing but funny "secrets"
id: 55487
This looks like a wedding speech in progress alright
id: 55488
Ha, what is this face
id: 55489
Don't drop the chairs!
id: 55490
There was a lot of movement in this dark room. I just went to high ISO, manual focus, and hoped for the best
id: 55491
id: 55492
Cake cutting
id: 55493
That is... that is a face
id: 55494
Cake smoosh
id: 55495
Ryan's going to start a revolution
id: 55496
Taking photos?
id: 55497
After party at a nearby bar
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