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11/30/19 - Daily slice of life photos for November 2019

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id: 55543
Dan and Pirate are buddies
id: 55544
The aftermath of Mel's Iron Editor event
id: 55545
Wait a minute...
id: 55546
Vic sent this update from Iron Editor
id: 55547
I emailed a vending machine company saying that their stupid machine gave me a hot Diet Mountain Dew... twice. A few days later this inscrutable letter and two dollars in cash arrived in the mail
id: 55548
First things first when visiting NYC
id: 55549
James seems to be having a good time
id: 55550
Jinx attacks Bryce's amiibo collection
id: 55551
Neil at the vet again
id: 55552
"Wait.. I know this place.."
id: 55553
"I'll just chill in here"
id: 55554
I think this is an F-16?
id: 55555
I got to Rip's too late for a sandwich
id: 55556
Dispatches from Buffalo
id: 55557
Dan and I went on a hike
id: 55558
There were trees
id: 55559
Look at these old cars we found
id: 55560
"Well there's your problem!"
id: 55561
Seems fine
id: 55562
My podcast listeners helped me cook some pork
id: 55563
This will take a while
id: 55564
All cooked, time to shred!
id: 55565
It came apart pretty easily
id: 55566
All shredded! There must be a better tool for this than two forks..
id: 55567
Thanks for the sticker, Becky
id: 55568
Mika is on to you
id: 55569
Figures at my desk
id: 55570
First snow of the year! Unfortunately it was right before I drove home from Pennsylvania. Fortunately, it stayed in Pennsylvania
id: 55571
Poor Steph
id: 55572
Special cat food for a special cat
id: 55573
Chilling out at home
id: 55574
Neil looks good in this scarf
id: 55575
Mel works on the giant puzzle she and Dan were solving
id: 55576
So many pieces
id: 55577
It's that "get the satellite" game! (This is where Dan says "it's not just the satellite!")
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