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12/17/19 - Neil's kidneys are still declining, so I started taking more pictures of the lovable doofus

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id: 55578
First every other day and later, every day, I had to give Neil subcutaneous fluids
id: 55579
Preparing the needle
id: 55580
The fluid goes under Neil's skin where it's eventually absorbed. This keeps him hydrated.
id: 55581
Neil is usually pretty calm during this. I don't think the needle hurts, he just doesn't like being held in place
id: 55582
Who's a good boy?
id: 55583
You can see the bump forming on Neil's back
id: 55584
Cat brothers
id: 55585
Hi Neil
id: 55586
Neil and Buzz!
id: 55587
The collar has an RFID tag on it so only Neil can access the prescription food
id: 55588
This photo is very similar to the others, but there's no such thing as too many Neil photos
id: 55589
Buzz lurks
id: 55590
id: 55591
Hi Neil
id: 55592
Neil closeup!
id: 55593
What are they even looking at?
id: 55594
Getting closer...
id: 55595
He's a good cat
id: 55596
OK I maybe went overboard on these similar photos
id: 55597
Snooze time
id: 55598
He loves a good snooze
id: 55599
Taking care of his brother
id: 55600
Face to face
id: 55601
Hi Neil
id: 55602
Neil blep!
id: 55603
Cooperate, Buzz!
id: 55604
Gotta stay clean
id: 55605
Neil loves lap time
id: 55606
He's a big squish ball
id: 55607
Don't mind the giant camera, buddy
id: 55608
He's a good looking cat
id: 55609
Neil has been sleeping on the couch most nights. When I come downstairs I find him like this
id: 55610
How's the couch treating you, Neil?
id: 55611
Time to go to the vet again
id: 55612
"What're you doing in there?"
id: 55613
"This smells familiar.."
id: 55614
Most cats get really anxious at the vet. Neil just chills out
id: 55615
"Hey man.. look... a floor."
id: 55616
He's so relaxed
id: 55617
Hey buddy
id: 55618
Oh no, he's capsizing
id: 55619
id: 55620
Almost time for your appointment
id: 55621
What's out the window?
id: 55622
This photo really captures how doofy and lovable he really is
id: 55623
Artsy Neil
id: 55624
This is boring, time to sleep
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