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12/22/19 - Hanging with family before Christmas

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id: 55625
I wanted to make sure Becky's present stayed closed
id: 55626
Hi Mom
id: 55627
Mom cruising the internet, watch out
id: 55628
Time to watch football!
id: 55629
Mom loves moments like this
id: 55630
Hi Becky
id: 55631
Becky loves photos
id: 55632
Hanging around watching TV with Becky and Mom
id: 55633
Let's go see Mom's new condo!
id: 55634
Up in the skyyy
id: 55635
The view from Mom's balcony
id: 55636
Becky finds the view satisfactory
id: 55637
Now Mom can finally keep an eye on the gazebo
id: 55638
Nice view! Looking East, which will have some gorgeous sunrises
id: 55639
Long way down! Let's get some anti-slip mats!
id: 55640
Becky and Juliet are best buds
id: 55641
Nick and Sully investigate the floor
id: 55642
Caitlin and Sully on the couch
id: 55643
Sully seems uncertain
id: 55644
Selfie time!
id: 55645
Hi Juliet, can I help you?
id: 55646
Dogs and babiess!
id: 55647
Uncle Stephen with new baby: Virginia
id: 55648
A family Christmas scene
id: 55649
I got this dinosaur for the Yankee Swap and it was a huge hit
id: 55650
Nick and Sully are both enjoying it
id: 55651
The dinosaur rampage continues
id: 55652
Becky gets a good slump going
id: 55653
The dinosaur moves on to its next victim
id: 55654
Oh no! Uncle Stephen's hat!
id: 55655
Sully isn't the only one who can wield the dinosaur
id: 55656
The hat never knew what hit it
id: 55657
Hi Virginia
id: 55658
Siblings relaxing
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