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12/23/19 - Christmas in Maine!

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id: 55659
Hi Becky
id: 55660
Nick cruises his phone
id: 55661
Mom's feeling festive
id: 55662
Let's just take a moment to appreciate the view
id: 55663
Christmas time!
id: 55664
Why did I get Becky a pencil sharpener? Mysterious. It's because I also got her colored pencils.. and a profanity-laden "adult coloring book"
id: 55665
Mom's got some herbs!
id: 55666
Time to grow some plants
id: 55667
It's got everything you need
id: 55668
I got Nick Luigi's Mansion. Should be fun for him and Becky!
id: 55669
Becky's already stoked
id: 55670
id: 55671
Fancy dishes for special occasions
id: 55672
Neat robotic network camera from Aunt Meredith
id: 55673
Even Pepper, Becky and Nick's new rabbit got a present!
id: 55674
Becky gets to work on my present for her
id: 55675
It's a Gryffindor snuggie! It'll go well with the Gryffindor bathrobe
id: 55676
I asked her to bring her wand so I could look at it.. but really it was for this photo!
id: 55677
Becky is magical as always
id: 55678
Mom's got Christmas shoes?
id: 55679
Nick gets to work inflating his new reindeer antlers
id: 55680
id: 55681
The antlers are ready!
id: 55682
Nick seems really into it
id: 55683
id: 55684
Oh ho! Coasters for various radioactive elements. They light up when you put a drink on them!
id: 55685
I have no idea what Mom's holding since it's perfectly edge on
id: 55686
Aunt Teresa got me a blanket with memories from our Kennedy Space Center trip!
id: 55687
It's Macaroni's favorite day of the year
id: 55688
Paper to shred!
id: 55689
Macaroni loves this
id: 55690
Chomp chomp chomp
id: 55691
Macaroni is so fluffy
id: 55692
Becky entices Macaroni with some more paper
id: 55693
The history of the Patriots
id: 55694
Macaroni blep
id: 55695
I got Mom a book on how to crochet animals! Raccoons aren't in there but maybe she'll figure one out!
id: 55696
Becky's got something festive
id: 55697
Macaroni considers his next move
id: 55698
I got Becky an office sign.. from The Office!
id: 55699
Weird doll? I don't know
id: 55700
Monte's got a new sweater! What a lucky dog
id: 55701
I got Becky a fancy frame for her painting
id: 55702
Becky and Nick got me the Lego Lunar Module! Awesome!
id: 55703
What's in the box?
id: 55704
id: 55705
Hello Macaroni
id: 55706
Aunt Meredith got Mom a ton of yarn!
id: 55707
And I got Mom a year long subscription to some fancy yarn for crocheting!
id: 55708
Becky can't believe the log/gopher toy I got Monte. He can dig the gopher toys out of the log
id: 55709
What's in there?
id: 55710
A scarf from Aunt Kathy!
id: 55711
Mom's got all sorts of subscriptions.. Becky got her a book of the month subscription!
id: 55712
Mom got Becky and Nick an air fryer. Get cooking!
id: 55713
Mom got me a Roomba! Finally the robot butler I've always wanted
id: 55714
Mom. Loves. Chickens.
id: 55715
New hoodie?
id: 55716
Mom got these funny little UFO flyers. You can't really control them. They just try to hover a fixed distance above the ground. If you stick your hand under them they'll try to fly away
id: 55717
Mini quad-copter!
id: 55718
It's surprisingly stable
id: 55719
Becky knew what to do
id: 55720
Wingardium Leviosa!
id: 55721
Becky says "swish and flick"
id: 55722
id: 55723
What's on the phone?
id: 55724
Hi Mom!
id: 55725
Time to cook dinner
id: 55726
Kitchen time
id: 55727
id: 55728
Turkey and wine!
id: 55729
Bye Becky!
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