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12/25/19 - Japanese hibachi with the family in Portland!

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id: 55730
Caitlin and Sully are ready for some fire
id: 55731
Sully wants to know about my photo gallery's privacy policy
id: 55732
Juliet considers her options
id: 55733
Sully seems very suspicious of this entire process. I'm with him
id: 55734
I think Caitlin is showing Sully a walrus
id: 55735
Juliet is a walrus expert
id: 55736
Babies have no opinions on hibachis
id: 55737
Juliet and her grandparents check out walruses
id: 55738
Baby Virginia considers.. existence
id: 55739
Aunt Dani is a walrus now too! It's spreading!
id: 55740
A fun scene
id: 55741
Hi Mom!
id: 55742
This guy knows what he's doing. He cracked the egg by having it land on his spatula!
id: 55743
Food piles
id: 55744
Oh no, he's getting ready for the big fire
id: 55745
id: 55746
Caitlin is into the fire
id: 55747
Juliet and Uncle Stephen!
id: 55748
Group photo!
id: 55749
Selfie with Mom!
id: 55750
Macaroni and Isabelle are lumps
id: 55751
Isabelle is forever suspicious of me. To be fair, it's for good reason.
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