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12/29/19 - Bondcon is a few days before New Years.. it's confusing!

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id: 55752
Vic's making a big ol' pot of delicious chili
id: 55753
"Don't look at my chili"
id: 55754
Who could it be??
id: 55755
Mel is so fancy, wearing the light-up bows from Vic's presents
id: 55756
I got Vic an X-COM strategy guide.. and a carbon monoxide alarm so I can feel safe sleeping in the basement, haha
id: 55757
Oh no.. this can only mean..
id: 55758
I think this is the first time I had to blur one of my photos for nudity. Mel, you nasty!
id: 55759
Mel embroidered Portal-themed towels for Amanda!
id: 55760
Looking good!
id: 55761
Vic and Amanda got me this gorgeous Twilight Sparkle figure. With a human version and pony version!
id: 55762
Me, Dan, and Mel used some of the Bondcon ARG prize money to get some stuff that's handy for the event. In this case, some little holders for solo Switch controllers, making them easier to handle
id: 55763
Amanda seems pleased with this art of Overwatch book
id: 55764
What is in this weirdly heavy box I gave Vic?
id: 55765
It's a heavy blanket! So good for sleeping
id: 55766
I knew Mel had to fly back so I kept that in mind with her gift..
id: 55767
This explains why it was so weirdly heavy! I taped a nice, light, small Switch game... to a paving stone
id: 55768
Mel got me with the ol' "multi-wrapped present" gag. So many layers
id: 55769
What's in the inner layer?
id: 55770
It's a custom The Space Above Us mission patch! Awesome!
id: 55771
Whoa, Vic's new Mei figure is pretty awesome
id: 55772
Amanda got a Snorlax beanbag... but it needs to be filled!
id: 55773
So many beans!
id: 55774
Poor Dan is actually trying to work
id: 55775
Is Snorlax ready yet?
id: 55776
Vic's grinning at this bizarre thing that Alan got him
id: 55777
It's like.. a furry pillow with a waggling tail. Why??
id: 55778
"What the hell??"
id: 55779
I got Alan some lights that were on his wishlist. Not the most creative, but he was happy!
id: 55780
Dan inspects the Snorlax situation
id: 55781
Bryce got me this excellent hoodie from Celeste Mountain, setting of the game Celeste
id: 55782
Bryce has a lot of artwork and not a ton of frames. I got him this nice frame that's front-loadable, making it easier to swap stuff in and out
id: 55783
Snorlax demands more stufing
id: 55784
Careful now...
id: 55785
The static electricity is building and the beans are churning
id: 55786
Well then...
id: 55787
Snorlax is ready!
id: 55788
Amanda inspects Snorlax
id: 55789
Someone get a Pokeflute before they both fall asleep
id: 55790
I got Peter a melodica! I figured he'd have fun with it at conventions
id: 55791
Vic can't believe what Bryce got him and Amanda
id: 55792
It's a pokemon card for Sam and Dean!
id: 55793
We told Peter he could play with his melodica for ten minutes and then he had to put it in the car
id: 55794
He got me one too!! To be fair, it was on my Amazon wishlist, but it's still pretty hilarious
id: 55795
The Sam & Dean pokemon card looks great
id: 55796
The color from this wide angle panorama isn't great, but it captures the typical action of hanging at Vic's
id: 55797
Will's here!
id: 55798
Albert's here too!
id: 55799
Playing the alien imposter Jackbox game
id: 55800
Is Will the alien?
id: 55801
Is Erika the alien?
id: 55802
Is it time for board games?
id: 55803
Dan reads the rules
id: 55804
Brett and Amy are here too! Mel ruins another photo
id: 55805
So much Wawa
id: 55806
Do you wear that shirt in public, Vic?
id: 55807
Jeff's here!
id: 55808
Will with a Night Trap halo
id: 55809
Hi Annalise
id: 55810
Amy enjoys hanging with us nerds
id: 55811
Dan is deep in board game rules
id: 55812
Oh no.. time for Nerd Tag
id: 55813
Hi Brett
id: 55814
Will's ready to do this
id: 55815
Brett, you're supposed to pretend the camera isn't there
id: 55816
Nerd Tag! Try to bump the other person's controller while keeping yours stable. Simple but challenging and fun
id: 55817
Mel is attacked!
id: 55818
Defensive Amanda
id: 55819
A standoff!
id: 55820
Will channels his Jedi powers
id: 55821
id: 55822
Will stuck in the middle!
id: 55823
Will has a distinctive Nerd Tag style
id: 55824
Clarkie violence!
id: 55825
Go, Mel!
id: 55826
Oh no!
id: 55827
Vic's here to knock some skulls together
id: 55828
Dynamic action
id: 55829
Watch out, Vic has the reach!
id: 55830
Marital tag-violence!
id: 55831
Dan just relaxes through all of this
id: 55832
Even when you lose it's fun
id: 55833
Alright.. Dan's gotta give it a try
id: 55834
Battle of the lefties
id: 55835
It's all about positioning
id: 55836
Is Vic doing that Haruhi dance?
id: 55837
Mel lurches in from out of frame
id: 55838
There is a lot going on here. Mel with the grab, Vic with the dodge, Brett with the push
id: 55839
It doesn't seem to have ended well for Mel
id: 55840
It often pays to team up on people
id: 55841
Watch out, Dan!
id: 55842
Dan's back for vengeance
id: 55843
I'm not great at this game, but I do enjoy it
id: 55844
I'll get you, Vic!
id: 55845
Don't fall on the concrete, Amanda!
id: 55846
Let's gang up on Vic
id: 55847
I'll get you, Dan
id: 55848
Vic keeps his eye on the prize
id: 55849
Mel and Dan dance instead?
id: 55850
Dan dances like an Egyptian
id: 55851
I thought Dan was going to judo-throw Mel
id: 55852
id: 55853
Anime girl gets an elbow to the face
id: 55854
You dare challenge Dan?
id: 55855
I got Brett an iron pan! Now he's bulletproof!
id: 55856
Brett's got some Rocket League cars!
id: 55857
Brett said he got me this because "the Bills are trash". Joke appreciated, and I actually needed a trash can upstairs!
id: 55858
Dean inspects all the shoes
id: 55859
Time to check his own shoes
id: 55860
What's up, Dean?
id: 55861
Dean looks so concerned
id: 55862
Too big to wrap!
id: 55863
Dean heard a noise
id: 55864
Dean is such a noodle cat
id: 55865
Will and Erika try the board game that Dan was reading about
id: 55866
I never got to take my photo of all the Switches stacked up, but I did get this one! A switch for every nerd
id: 55867
Brett's going to show us how to play Oregon Tail on Vic's retro PC
id: 55868
Brett just loves killing
id: 55869
Vic made fancy drinks, following the instructions from the robot bartender scale
id: 55870
Mike's here!
id: 55871
Mel attempted a Monkey Island speed run
id: 55872
How's life, Amanda?
id: 55873
Omar got me Kiki's Delivery Service on blu-ray! It's reversed because I took this from a Snapchat selfie
id: 55874
Mel is... fading. Many too many Moscow Mules or whatever
id: 55875
Bryce wonders what's going on in the PC room
id: 55876
Mel, how's the game going?
id: 55877
Oh no. Not great
id: 55878
That's a save file, alright
id: 55879
Mel is done, haha
id: 55880
Bryce wants me to get my ass in the chair and play some Magic
id: 55881
This is a big Magic game. You can see one of those Switch controller holders on the table
id: 55882
Will knows a lot about Magic
id: 55883
I have no idea why Brett is wearing my shirt. I think because he got sweaty from Nerd Tag?
id: 55884
Mel is not in a great state for Magic
id: 55885
Mel and Dan, everybody
id: 55886
I'm back home! Let's get a closeup of the Twilight Sparkle figure out of the box
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