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12/31/19 - Daily slice of life photos for December 2019

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id: 55887
Naturally flavored with OTHER natural flavor. What?
id: 55888
Cricket in the house! Emergency!
id: 55889
James sent me this snap of a rocket launch as seen from Orlando
id: 55890
id: 55891
Working on the podcast
id: 55892
Neil at the vet again
id: 55893
How are things, Neil?
id: 55894
Neil could be better, but he still enjoys a window view
id: 55895
Neil keeps me company while I work on the podcast
id: 55896
James stopped by on his way to and from Boston
id: 55897
James sent me this from downstairs
id: 55898
Spooky Goddard
id: 55899
Good Jerry. Not Bad Jerry
id: 55900
I just took this so when this setup changes I can see what's different
id: 55901
Neil's got a squishy belly
id: 55902
Neil likes to sit on the back of my chair
id: 55903
Neil back in the carrier
id: 55904
Vet visit!
id: 55905
My postcard is back! From space! It flew on New Shepard on a suborbital space flight
id: 55906
GNC GS CDR! The big day. We passed!
id: 55907
Neil in the spooky lighting
id: 55908
Want a hoodie?
id: 55909
My Christmas gift for Mel. So tricky
id: 55910
Uhh.. is that fluid supposed to come out of the wing? Orange is hydraulic fluid, right?
id: 55911
id: 55912
This wasn't on purpose, but look at the two winglets and the tail all lining up. Neat
id: 55913
Someone put that screw back in!
id: 55914
I'm pretty sure there was a banana snack before this
id: 55915
Hi Neil
id: 55916
What would Mika write about?
id: 55917
Saying hi to Pawel while I'm in Portland!
id: 55918
I love the photos that my catsitter sends
id: 55919
Nice sunset
id: 55920
What city is this?
id: 55921
Taking the shuttle back to the parking lot
id: 55922
Suz sent this funny snap
id: 55923
So many birds
id: 55924
Time to give Neil his fluids
id: 55925
Prepare the needle
id: 55926
Who's a good boy? (It's Neil)
id: 55927
He's so relaxed!
id: 55928
Getting his back ready for the needle
id: 55929
This is how Neil gets a bunch of his hydration now. Dummy
id: 55930
Will the fountain entice him?
id: 55931
Until next time..
id: 55932
Neil, drink more water!
id: 55933
Neil's still pretty normal, day to day
id: 55934
What do cameras smell like?
id: 55935
Walking back from lunch
id: 55936
Playing Outer Wilds with a cat copilot
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