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01/27/20 - Visiting Dad and Becky in Boston!

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id: 55937
Have ring, will travel
id: 55938
Airport time
id: 55939
id: 55940
Your portal to the sky
id: 55941
The weather is nicer once you get above the clouds
id: 55942
This is very Becky
id: 55943
Welcome to Dad's life
id: 55944
Mmmmm, Petrones
id: 55945
My Dad cuts his name out of his mail before throwing it out. He accidentally made a pretty striking piece of art. Shreds of Bob, just like his life
id: 55946
Petrones again!
id: 55947
Dad is clearly excited for his trip to the VA hospital
id: 55948
Hi Dad
id: 55949
On the Ride!
id: 55950
Who's ready to go to Boston?
id: 55951
I like how I can tell what podcast episode was up by looking at the mission patches
id: 55952
Into the VA
id: 55953
VA lobby
id: 55954
Where do we go?
id: 55955
Dad, just relax
id: 55956
Taking notes while the doctor checks on Dad
id: 55957
Dad, just sit down and chill out!
id: 55958
This photo is only mildly terrifying
id: 55959
Becky and Monte!
id: 55960
Monte wants something
id: 55961
Becky's new bunny named Pepper
id: 55962
Hi Pepper
id: 55963
So much fur
id: 55964
Pepper on the loose
id: 55965
Such ears!
id: 55966
What's over there?
id: 55967
Hi Pepper
id: 55968
Becky observes Pepper
id: 55969
Monte kisses
id: 55970
Dogs are full of love
id: 55971
My credit card gets me access to the airport lounge. I got a free beer!
id: 55972
Back on the plane
id: 55973
City lights
id: 55974
Just waiting on the shuttle back to the parking lot
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