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01/31/20 - Daily slice of life photos for January 2020

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id: 56147
Some flown hardware from a Hubble servicing mission in the Building 3 lobby
id: 56148
Wandering around Goddard
id: 56149
Trying out the network camera that Aunt Meredith got me
id: 56150
Haha, "Road Ho"
id: 56151
Hi Tsao
id: 56152
Conrad will give me a stinkeye and a lecture about Maryland law and consent if he sees this photo. But I'm happy to have a photo of him teaching
id: 56153
Cats, man
id: 56154
You are now in Maryland
id: 56155
Neil needs reassembly
id: 56156
Eric loves sushi
id: 56157
Buzz wonders what month it is
id: 56158
Mika loves games
id: 56159
Lovely January weather
id: 56160
Creeping on Neil from work, using the robot network camera
id: 56161
Working on photos. Captioning this was very meta
id: 56162
Dan trying Outer Wilds
id: 56163
Such a great game
id: 56164
We had our own version of Monster Factory
id: 56165
"You going to take your turn?"
id: 56166
Neil's my buddy
id: 56167
Delivering Christmas presents to Omar
id: 56168
Lunch at Goddard
id: 56169
Some childhood photos that I saw at my Dad's h ouse
id: 56170
I had such a colorful windbreaker
id: 56171
Gragra, Aunt Meredith, Pop Pop, and Mom! I spent a lot of my childhood jumping around on that couch
id: 56172
Creepy cats in the darkness
id: 56173
Look what Suz saw when flying to Austin!
id: 56174
James is a professional vacationer
id: 56175
This self-service car checkout thing was cool. I plugged in their little computer and ran the engine for a bit
id: 56176
I found this in some random building at Goddard. Pretty cool but also sort of sad.
id: 56177
id: 56178
The fire alarm went off at work. Let's stand around in the cold
id: 56179
This photo of Neil will show up whenever I'm looking for photos of my cat
id: 56180
Some of the ground team hangs out on the lawn. Avery's taking it literally
id: 56181
Don't use the broken toilet
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