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02/29/20 - Daily slice of life photos for February 2020

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id: 56045
Studying some math
id: 56046
What's going on outside?
id: 56047
Studying more math, but now in a different cat configuration
id: 56048
Neil visits the vet again
id: 56049
I can't remember why I didn't have the current podcast episode on my bag..
id: 56050
Sleepy Neil
id: 56051
Sunset at Goddard
id: 56052
Studying in my favorite Wawa parking spot
id: 56053
General relativity just gives up on numbers and normal letters
id: 56054
How're you doing, Neil?
id: 56055
Mmm, Wawa morning
id: 56056
Buzz eats on top of the cabinet now, where Neil (usually) can't get it
id: 56057
Neil in his station!
id: 56058
I beat Outer Wilds!
id: 56059
Photos on the fridge
id: 56060
Nice clouds. This is the view when leaving my building at work
id: 56061
Watching Buzz trying to get out of the room. He was locked up while the electrician was here
id: 56062
Scary wires
id: 56063
My electrician Erik. He was a cool dude!
id: 56064
I spent a lot of money to replace this terrifyingly degraded cable outside
id: 56065
James wonders what happened
id: 56066
My bedroom is so clean!
id: 56067
This was the last big gathering at work before everyone was sent home for covid
id: 56068
Outer Wilds goes on the car
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