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03/31/20 - Daily slice of life photos for March 2020

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id: 56069
This is what happened when I taught Topaz about Chernobyl
id: 56070
The moon, I guess
id: 56071
Buzz is such a slump
id: 56072
I wonder where Buzz is
id: 56073
Air Force Two!
id: 56074
Air Force Two looks like Air Force One but it's the smaller Boeing 757 instead of 747
id: 56075
Shayna came to visit! She got a glimpse of Goddard the day before the lockdown went into effect
id: 56076
id: 56077
Shayna and JWST!
id: 56078
Shayna at Goddard
id: 56079
Shayna with the SES
id: 56080
So much cool space stuff
id: 56081
Cherry blossoms!
id: 56082
Flowers are nice
id: 56083
I had been slowly stocking up on stuff in case COVID became a big thing. As of August 2020, this was the last time I was in an actual grocery store. It was pretty nuts
id: 56084
There used to be toilet paper and paper towels here. My guess is a few people stocked up so they wouldn't have to go to the store, other people saw that and also stocked up, and then others started buying to make sure they'd be able to have some
id: 56085
Empty freezers
id: 56086
Just the weird meat left
id: 56087
No bottled water
id: 56088
Turns out since I was already mostly doing grocery delivery, none of this was really required. Better safe than sorry though
id: 56089
How the first few days of working from home went
id: 56090
Neil moved as I took the photo and accidentally exposed his third eye
id: 56091
What my computer room looks like when I'm actually keeping things clean
id: 56092
Just noting what Switch games I have
id: 56093
Getting in on Animal Crossing early
id: 56094
Stu supervises Dan working. ...stupervises
id: 56095
Hi Mika
id: 56096
Nice flowers in my neighborhood
id: 56097
id: 56098
This is what snaps from James are like
id: 56099
Covered in cats!
id: 56100
Me and Buzz
id: 56101
Hi Buzz
id: 56102
It's Pirate!
id: 56103
If the weather is right, James will send me snaps of rocket launches
id: 56104
Reading on the back porch
id: 56105
These didn't work at all
id: 56106
Comfy reading in the corner
id: 56107
Snaps from Tony. Comfy Koda
id: 56108
I set up a workstation downstairs. This lasted for a few weeks before I rearranged again
id: 56109
Yup. We're in it now.
id: 56110
I've been trying to capture more "random slice of life" photos. Who knows what will be interesting about this photo in 15 years
id: 56111
Hello, Buzz
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