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04/30/20 - Daily slice of life photos for April 2020

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id: 56112
Kate does her part in the ongoing April Fools tradition
id: 56113
Buzz keeps an eye on me while I work
id: 56114
Zoom with some of the AMV crew! Yes, I'm running it in a VM
id: 56115
Going for walks to keep active
id: 56116
Building the LEGO Lunar Module while watching virtual F1
id: 56117
LEGO Lunar Module!
id: 56118
Here comes Buzz
id: 56119
My air purifier looks like a giant iPod Shuffle
id: 56120
Look how nice and clean my room is! And infested by cats
id: 56121
Weird weather
id: 56122
This is what happens when you own a Roomba and want clean floors
id: 56123
Temporary workstation. Don't mind the Switch
id: 56124
This is what my beard looked like after not trimming it for a month
id: 56125
Nice flowers outside my front window
id: 56126
Refinancing the house! Good timing
id: 56127
Long meetings provide a great opportunity to mindless do a couple of Animal Crossing chores
id: 56128
This structure was required to let Neil eat his special food without Buzz sticking his head in. It needed a long entrance that only fit one cat. The name came from what it reminded me of
id: 56129
This doesn't seem great but Gregg said it's not a big concern. I took a photo to compare to later
id: 56130
Hi Buzz
id: 56131
My Brother My Brother and Me 500 episode coin! I bet they had to be very clear that "modren" was on purpose
id: 56132
That's a lot of episodes
id: 56133
The future sucks. (Look at the screen)
id: 56134
Topaz sends me pictures of bored Mika
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