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05/02/20 - COVID lockdown continues. The president decided that fighter jets would solve this problem

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id: 56135
The Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds!
id: 56136
Closeup on the Blue Angels
id: 56137
Thunderbirds, we meet again!
id: 56138
I don't think I've ever taken photos of the Blue Angels before
id: 56139
Some good looking jets
id: 56140
Also this guy... who just wanted to fit in
id: 56141
The flyover was a dumb idea but it was sort of fun to track down the jets
id: 56142
All spaced out
id: 56143
Go Thunderbirds
id: 56144
I caught a second round of the jets because I saw a bunch of people parked on the side of the road. I just quickly parked and asked what was going on
id: 56145
It was right in front of the little airport so I was finally able to get some shots of it
id: 56146
Next time I'll have to come back at Golden Hour
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