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Pictures taken on 01/06/04

id: 471
Becky and some friends
id: 472
That gross human body model in Mr. Greg's room
id: 473
A hall pass
id: 474
Standing around
id: 475
Mr. Greg's schedule
id: 476
Nice to be prepared
id: 477
Cool stuff
id: 478
Is that how it's spelled?
id: 479
Katie and Katie?
id: 480
Dr. Peterson at her classiest
id: 481
Dong's got a doofy hat
id: 482
Some of the calculus kids
id: 483
Me sitting around
id: 484
Dong looks over at something
id: 485
Jacob's pro-dean
id: 486
...that same hallpass
id: 487
Dr. Peterson!
id: 488
Dr. Peterson in action
id: 489
Dr. Peterson in her natural habitat
id: 490
Becky gets ready for bed
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