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Pictures taken on 01/18/04

id: 859
id: 860
Tom, Wacko, and Mike Burns
id: 861
Waiting in line
id: 862
Beany drew on KK's boob
id: 863
Mike Burns looks around
id: 864
Emily and Mike Burns
id: 865
KK hangs out in line
id: 866
James is sleeping
id: 867
All the stuff I won. I won the Haibane DVD I needed!
id: 868
Beany on a couch
id: 869
Dan got tagged
id: 870
Dan and Beany stand around
id: 871
Dan and Beany
id: 872
I'm sorry, I had to
id: 873
Beany gets ready to go
id: 874
A final look at the lobby floor
id: 875
id: 876
Lots of flyers for other cons
id: 877
Some random people
id: 878
Dan stands around
id: 879
That stick plastic with writing..
id: 880
I wasa gopher, but I didn't help at all
id: 881
A blurry mirror shot
id: 882
id: 883
Time to go
id: 884
Walking to the subway
id: 885
Dan on the subway
id: 886
Someone drew where the posters go
id: 887
Beany ends the day with a weird face
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