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Pictures taken on 04/16/04

id: 2604
Mr. Carovillano's room
id: 2605
Patrick Pinder
id: 2606
Cause this isn't sketchy at all
id: 2607
I'm not sure who these people are
id: 2608
Mike Handelman
id: 2609
Handelman rocks out
id: 2610
id: 2611
Creepy hand face
id: 2612
Max dives for an anime DVD
id: 2613
Mr. Burkett asserts his point again
id: 2614
Nick is crazy
id: 2615
Max is after something of Nick's
id: 2616
Nick kicks himself in the head
id: 2617
Nick goes crazy out in the hallway
id: 2618
Beany is all Bat Commander'd out
id: 2619
Rose and some guy
id: 2620
A carnival
id: 2621
Check out the lights!
id: 2622
Dan From Work without a hat!
id: 2623
At the movies!
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