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Pictures taken on 05/06/04

id: 2979
Thanh hangs ou in Physics
id: 2980
Mike Binari in English
id: 2981
Nick seems so evil
id: 2982
id: 2983
Thanh in calc
id: 2984
I made something out of cubes
id: 2985
I made something else
id: 2986
Dr. Peterson explains something
id: 2987
Cube structure?
id: 2988
3D plus sign?
id: 2989
Thanh doesn't seem that enthralled by the cubes
id: 2990
A Gauss gun?
id: 2991
A Gauss gun with a handle?
id: 2992
Boths sides have the same number of cubes on them
id: 2993
Truly a marvel of modern science
id: 2994
Pat is having the time of his life
id: 2995
Why not add some crap to the bottom
id: 2996
And even more crap!
id: 2997
Pat blows some bubbles
id: 2998
My creation! It's been destroyed!
id: 2999
A hand grenade?
id: 3000
It's the best
id: 3001
Mr. Barth has my camera
id: 3002
Hello Mr. Barth
id: 3003
Dave got a phaser
id: 3004
Run Melissa!
id: 3005
Erica no! Dave you monster
id: 3006
Braided leg hair? That's insane
id: 3007
Me on my laptop in class
id: 3008
These guys wanted me to take their picture. I think the one on the left is trying to throw the "Blood" gang symbol
id: 3009
I think this is the other guy
id: 3010
Reviewing the gang sign
id: 3012
The creepy red guy in Betty's room
id: 3013
Hi Betty
id: 3014
My dad hangs out and reads the newspaper
id: 3015
Betty at the computer/keyboard station
id: 3016
Dad in the truck
id: 3017
Driving along
id: 3018
Looking out over the highway. I forget which one, which is bad since I've been over it like 100 times
id: 3026
My Dad's house
id: 3027
Ripley Street!
id: 3028
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