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Pictures taken on 05/10/04

id: 3142
Pre-AP test party!
id: 3143
James had to write some kind of poem for class
id: 3144
The excting conclusion to James' poem
id: 3145
id: 3146
Thanh studies!
id: 3147
Ronny's here!
id: 3148
I studied hard before the test
id: 3149
Ms. Whitner and Thanh
id: 3150
id: 3151
Hi Thanh!
id: 3152
Thanh is scary
id: 3153
Two AP tests are finished!
id: 3154
A plant in James' room
id: 3155
Another plant
id: 3156
Bonsai tree!
id: 3157
id: 3158
Weird plant
id: 3159
id: 3160
Disco ball!
id: 3161
Cow pinata
id: 3162
id: 3163
Looking into Beebe from the cliff thing
id: 3164
Lots of broken windows
id: 3165
I apparently stayed at the bottom
id: 3166
"We Hono You"
id: 3167
James poses proudly
id: 3168
A squirrel!
id: 3169
A balloon animal
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