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Pictures taken on 05/16/04

id: 3641
Jared puts his Dremmel to work
id: 3642
Safety first, Jared
id: 3643
id: 3644
Screws in the
id: 3645
A door hinge for the axis holder
id: 3646
Drilling things
id: 3647
Scary expoxy
id: 3648
Cutting the skateboard in half
id: 3649
id: 3650
Some hot glue
id: 3651
Applying glue to the skateboard..
id: 3652
Glue applied
id: 3653
All ready to go!
id: 3654
Cutting a dowel
id: 3655
Drilling a dowel
id: 3656
Putting on the wheels
id: 3657
Gluing more parts on
id: 3658
A string goes around the trap part
id: 3659
Oh yeah, this looks legit
id: 3660
A full view
id: 3661
The bottom
id: 3662
More supplies
id: 3663
Jared's sister drew this
id: 3664
Becky on the laptop
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