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Pictures taken on 07/15/04

id: 6988
Old slides from the making of Mom's funny work video
id: 6989
Another slide!
id: 6990
Mom walking into CVS
id: 6991
My room is messy
id: 6992
I decided to dig the stuff out from under the bed
id: 6993
The desk is pretty messy too
id: 6994
So much crap
id: 6995
But where will I sleep?
id: 6996
I need to throw some of this garbage out
id: 6997
I can still use my laptop!
id: 6998
id: 6999
Becky's sad.. but not really
id: 7000
More garbage
id: 7001
id: 7002
id: 7003
id: 7004
I found this under my bed
id: 7005
Bummer story
id: 7006
I have the 9/11 newspaper around here somewhere too..
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