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Pictures taken on 09/07/04

id: 8806
Fire alarm!
id: 8807
It's so early!
id: 8808
Everyone gathers around outside
id: 8809
Here comes a fire truck
id: 8810
id: 8811
Yep, it parked right outside
id: 8812
A cop car
id: 8813
Kevin looks bemused
id: 8814
Emergency vehicles
id: 8815
The spriklers turned on
id: 8816
Fire alarms are not equal to fun
id: 8817
It's 5:03 in the morning!!
id: 8818
Time to get back to sleep
id: 8819
When Mike does laundry, he includes the pants he's wearing
id: 8820
More whiteboard art
id: 8821
Ryan and Binny
id: 8822
Some art by Ryan
id: 8823
Oh, the question has been answered
id: 8824
This was on one of my labs, our TA had a good sense of humor
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