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Pictures taken on 09/18/05

id: 12442
The tower of NERD
id: 12443
Our table at the caf
id: 12444
This is a great face, I demand you click this picture
id: 12445
Food = good
id: 12446
Bryce disagrees
id: 12447
Roommate fight?
id: 12448
Mike accidentally ate two of his fingers
id: 12449
Bryce tells it how it is
id: 12450
"Want some baaacon?"
id: 12451
id: 12452
"What do you want?"
id: 12453
I swear she's wearing pants
id: 12454
The time for nerd is now!
id: 12455
The four dimensional Rubik's cube I'm trying to solve
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