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Pictures taken on 03/02/06

id: 12860
Playing with Wiki
id: 12861
Hi Wiki!
id: 12862
The bricks outside of Maywood
id: 12863
Swipe card dealy
id: 12864
Looking down the staircase
id: 12865
Clark didn't have floor numbers so people added their own
id: 13092
Bryce hunches over to play some Magic
id: 13093
The green laser lighting up the carpet
id: 13094
Shining into water always looks neat
id: 13095
It shows up really well when there's some kind of moisture in the air
id: 13096
Look at it go!
id: 13097
Bryce and Brett discuss Magic strategies
id: 13098
A weird tilted shot of Brett nad Bryce
id: 13099
Bryce plays with a part of his jacket
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