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Pictures taken on 05/24/06

id: 13515
Mel gets her wig ready
id: 13516
Casual A-chan?
id: 13517
Mel's secret is out, this what she wears under her wig to keep her real hair in place
id: 13518
Well, Mel's packed
id: 13519
Mel tries on her "Colonial A-chan" costume
id: 13520
There's the hat
id: 13521
A full body shot of colonial A-chan
id: 13522
Mo and A-chan!
id: 13523
Check out where Mo is loooking..
id: 13524
Colonial A-chan with colonial Mo -kun
id: 13525
Mo -kun doesn't really like his hat
id: 13526
Mo looks so surprised
id: 13527
Mo and A-chan
id: 13528
Mo seems to be getting bored of this
id: 13529
Mo is scowling
id: 13530
A-chan in the woods?
id: 13531
What's over there?
id: 13532
A-chan points at something
id: 13533
A-chan in the woods
id: 13534
Ahh! A-chan's coming after me!
id: 13535
Noo A-chan no!
id: 13536
This is the closet to the "grizzly bear" pose that Mel could get in a corset
id: 13537
A-chan wanders off
id: 13538
Photo time is over
id: 13539
Mel wanders back toward the house
id: 13540
A-chan can skateboard?
id: 13541
I didn't know the colonists had skateboards
id: 13542
A-chan moves... a little bit at a time
id: 13543
Mel makes a crazy face in the corner
id: 13544
Mel took this picture of her making a face at me
id: 13545
Some more neat clouds
id: 13546
These machines reminded me of Angel #1 on Evangelion
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