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Pictures taken on 05/25/06

id: 13548
Mel shows off her staff shirt
id: 13549
Mel displays the back of the staff shirts
id: 13550
Taking the elevator down to the con
id: 13551
Checking out the maps
id: 13552
Waiting outside con ops for something to do
id: 13553
id: 13554
A bunch of the tech staff waited around at the loading dock for something to move
id: 13555
Loading dock fun
id: 13556
Mel makes a lovely face. AB's proud mascot
id: 13557
Hey cool, we're actually authorized!
id: 13558
It took a while for the truck to show up
id: 13559
The tech staff loads stuff up outside Vid112
id: 13560
Ah, room 100. We know it well from last year
id: 13561
I liked the giant lense on this projector
id: 13562
People were already waiting in line on Thursday!
id: 13563
Wow, hardcore!
id: 13564
A staffer hands a con-goer a badge, fresh off the printers
id: 13565
"I can help someone here"
id: 13566
Andrea and Patrick get ready for the staff meeting
id: 13567
This guy had the circuit board that defeated DOKool in Iron Editor '03
id: 13568
There it is! Signed by the participants
id: 13569
Mel waits around
id: 13570
All the security staff sat on one side and the blue shirts sat on the other
id: 13571
Hi Mel!
id: 13572
Mel's spiffy badge
id: 13573
More of the e-board gathers
id: 13574
Here's most of the e-board
id: 13575
My work schedule during the week. I actually worked from 4pm to 8pm on Friday.
id: 13680
Not only did Becky ruin in the tire, she also bent the wheel
id: 13681
Aww, poor Becky holds up her hubcap
id: 13682
Mel on the T
id: 13683
You could see the hotel pool from our window
id: 13684
You can see pretty far when you're a few hundred feet up!
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