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Pictures taken on 05/26/06

id: 13576
Another view from the hotel window
id: 13577
Oh no! A-chan died!
id: 13578
Poor, poor A-chan
id: 13579
She's alive!
id: 13580
People start filing in for the opening ceremonies
id: 13581
Patrick (the con chair) with the two mascots, A-chan and B-kun
id: 13582
A Kaiju sat in the front row
id: 13583
First official cosplay picture: Vash, complete with donuts
id: 13584
AB06's guests
id: 13585
A blurry, non-flash pics of the guests
id: 13586
Another flash pictures of the guests
id: 13587
id: 13588
Willy Wonka!
id: 13589
id: 13590
Badger girl returns!! Hooray!!
id: 13591
Even the King of all Cosmos made an appearance
id: 13592
Bryce, in his slightly disturbing costume, and Tony, appearing as Protoman
id: 13593
Volunteers in prog ops
id: 13594
A bunch of people lined up in the cosplay photo area
id: 13595
A flash version of the same picture
id: 13596
id: 13597
Mel takes the stage!
id: 13598
She sang "Number One" from Bleach
id: 13599
This was the bathroom in the con suite. Hooray for soda!
id: 13600
A great picture of Bryce with his ear of corn
id: 13601
Lain in her bear pajamas
id: 13602
Aeris and Cloud
id: 13603
Bryce sitting with the other AMV creators
id: 13604
A-chan works the crowd
id: 13605
Tech staff waits for the AMV contest to start
id: 13606
A really great Haku cosplay, with mask
id: 13607
The same Haku cosplayer without the mask
id: 13608
Kakashi and Pakkun!
id: 13609
If you look carefully you can see A-chan working the crowd at the AMV contest
id: 13610
If you look at this one, A-chan has a weird glow in her eyes. Demon A-chan!
id: 13611
A wall-stabalized non-flash picture of the crowd
id: 13612
A-chan working the crowd
id: 13613
Another shot of the AMV contest crowd
id: 13614
I think that blur is A-chan
id: 13615
AMV ballot. "S" means I didn't watch it for fear of spoilers
id: 13616
The other side of the AMV ballot
id: 13617
All of the AMV creators pose after the contest
id: 13618
Due to a printing error, there were not many copies of the correct schedule for Saturday, so I took a picture of the Infodesk's
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