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Pictures taken on 05/27/06

id: 13619
On the way to the airport to get Topaz, I saw a Rosetta Stone booth in the mall!
id: 13620
A really good Chouji cosplay
id: 13621
Wow! This cursed seal Sasuke is amazing! Now that's dedication
id: 13622
A blurry picture of people waiting in line
id: 13623
A-chan hangs out in registration
id: 13624
A fantastic Haruko from FLCL
id: 13625
Cait Sith!
id: 13626
It's Totoro on wheels!
id: 13627
Someone taking a picture of A-chan
id: 13628
Al, from Full Metal Alchemist
id: 13629
This girl was hilarious. Hooray for DDR girl!
id: 13630
A really impressive Final Fantasy costume
id: 13631
Some more people gather in the cosplay photo area
id: 13632
A non-flash picture of the cosplay photo area
id: 13633
A nearly flawless Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3
id: 13634
I noticed this picture of the Anime Boston mascots on a pin at a pin booth
id: 13635
Faye from Cowboy Bebop! Great job!
id: 13636
It's Chii!
id: 13637
A really impressive Riku from Final Fantasy X-2
id: 13638
Yomiko Readman!
id: 13639
A really great Princess Mononoke
id: 13640
A gross, but well made, Eva unit 02
id: 13641
Tony combined his costumes from last year and this year making... Akatsuki Man?
id: 13642
Bryce gets to work on a Mecha model. Sorry I forgot to come back, Bryce!
id: 13643
Gah! A tonberry! run!
id: 13644
Some ANBU members made an appearance
id: 13645
A rail-stablized view of the main convention floor
id: 13646
So many people!
id: 13647
Some of the equipment I got to play-err-work with
id: 13648
This is the view I had for many an hour during the weekend
id: 13649
Oh-Wow makes an appearance
id: 13650
Oh-Wow hates Naruto I guess
id: 13651
A random line
id: 13652
More random people
id: 13653
More of the random line
id: 13654
This guy was in a wheelchair a few minutes ago!! What's he doing standing up??
id: 13655
The view of the Masquerade audience from the balcony
id: 13656
The audience and stage
id: 13657
Some Kaiju in a skit on stage
id: 13658
A clearer shot of the Kaiju
id: 13659
A staffer keeps her camera trained on the skits
id: 13660
Who let those two doofuses up there?
id: 13661
A-chan and B-kun are famous!
id: 13662
People started waving their cell phones during one song
id: 13663
It looked really really cool
id: 13664
I saw one guy who actually had a lighter
id: 13665
This should be a cell phone commercial
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