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Pictures taken on 06/03/06

id: 13876
I saw this outside the Shriner's Auditorium. What the hell.
id: 13877
id: 13878
The band
id: 13879
Mel's not having fun
id: 13880
The view from my seat in the bleachers
id: 13881
Dr. Burke and Mayor Dolan approach
id: 13882
From left to right, Dr. Groden, Dr. Peterson, and Dr. Dragonas
id: 13883
id: 13884
id: 13885
All the graduates take their seats
id: 13886
I couldn't really get a picture of Becky
id: 13887
Oh well
id: 13888
Rob in the list
id: 13889
Mel hated the chorus
id: 13890
Diploma area
id: 13891
Stupid flash picture of the diploma handing out.. area..
id: 13892
Becky gets her diploma from Aunt Teresa!
id: 13893
Becky gets her diploma from Aunt Teresa.. touched up in Photoshop
id: 13894
Shelly was manning the TV camera
id: 13895
Mr. Melvin prepares to hand out a diploma
id: 13896
Rich Fielding graduates
id: 13897
Dr. Groden hands out a diploma
id: 13898
A mysterious recording device
id: 13899
The photoshoot nearby
id: 13900
Everyone wants a pictures!
id: 13901
Greg L. graduates
id: 13902
Mr. Carovillano just after handing out a diploma
id: 13903
One of those new disposable digital cameras
id: 13904
id: 13905
Rob graduates
id: 13906
Dr. Burke
id: 13907
My dad taking a picture of me taking a picture of him
id: 13908
Dad and Becky
id: 13909
I found Dr. Peterson in the crowd!
id: 13910
I saw Steph walking by in the parking lot
id: 13911
Mel says.. "Now whenever I want to drink some soda I have to check to make sure it says 'doofus'"
id: 13912
Hi Mel!
id: 13913
A bunch of people
id: 13914
Becky puts her graduation hat on Abby
id: 13915
Abby gives me a look
id: 13916
Mel's keraaazy!
id: 13917
Becky's cake
id: 13918
Gragra likes cake
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