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Pictures taken on 06/17/06

id: 14043
Some dining room that was locked up
id: 14044
Faculty dining
id: 14045
I'm looking at some grill dealy they use to make pasta
id: 14046
Empty and creepy..
id: 14047
A lot of the equipment had plastic bags over it
id: 14048
It's true, I tested it
id: 14049
"Nobody came to eat with me :("
id: 14050
The main course area
id: 14051
I found this by the pizza section. Notes?
id: 14052
The door to The Grind
id: 14053
Gah! The ATM is off!
id: 14054
Some construction on the roof?
id: 14055
"No one came to my lecture either :("
id: 14056
Some weird rolls on the roof
id: 14057
Ooo, the basement!
id: 14058
Storage room
id: 14059
Catering equipment
id: 14060
Catering equipment and some drinks. No, I didn't take any
id: 14061
Boxes of crap
id: 14062
More basement
id: 14063
Some notice to the Bon Appetit employees
id: 14064
One of the stops on the elevator was right behind the main grills!
id: 14065
Neato, grills
id: 14066
What's all this white powder?
id: 14067
id: 14068
I like how fluid the asphalt looks
id: 14069
A pile of dirt
id: 14070
Some contruction equpiment
id: 14071
China Lantern!
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