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Pictures taken on 07/14/06

id: 14809
Melvin got caught by the rubber band police
id: 14810
Oh noes!
id: 14811
He's free!
id: 14812
Michael, one of my bosses
id: 14813
Note the mobius strip hanging from the shelf..
id: 14814
I changed Melvin's "Punch in/out" sign to see if he'd notice
id: 14815
Jim, another guy from ITS
id: 14816
Matt always looks surprised in these pictures
id: 14817
I drew a hypercube on Matt's whiteboard
id: 14818
Matt's ITS mascot, the eye!
id: 14819
Dave and Matt in the hallway
id: 14820
Anthony, another of my bosses
id: 14821
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