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Pictures taken on 07/21/06

id: 14921
Some sweet DVDs I bought online
id: 14922
Dusty dusty construction
id: 14923
Melvin stuck up on Patrick and stamped him
id: 14924
Patrick stamped him later
id: 14925
The stamp up close
id: 14926
Safari mangled our project!!
id: 14928
A big creepy dark cloud coming overhead
id: 14929
That cool squirrel again
id: 14930
Heyyyyy squirrel
id: 14931
Running away
id: 14932
Matrix squirrel, jumping off the pole
id: 14933
Another squirrel
id: 14934
A big ass pile of dirt
id: 14935
James' got some Top Pop!
id: 14936
As well as bunch of other soft drinks
id: 14937
Some limes too!
id: 14938
Check out how far away their stove is into the kitchen
id: 14939
Brandon's so hungry he decided to start early
id: 14940
"Worcester city trashbags??"
id: 14941
The Speech Champions' new apartment's common room
id: 14942
James is skiing or something
id: 14943
Nice ceiling
id: 14944
James shouts into the mystery tube
id: 14945
Brandon on the couch
id: 14947
James' sweet desktop
id: 14950
id: 14951
James with his cribbage boat
id: 14952
Brandon thinks he took the wrong box to Worcester.. look what he found
id: 14953
"This blanket stinks!"
id: 14954
id: 14955
James found some utensils that haven't been washed in months
id: 14956
Sooo gross
id: 14957
"The Noid!"
id: 14958
Their bathroom
id: 14959
id: 14960
Brandon's bed
id: 14961
Doorknob hole
id: 14962
Drinking on the couch
id: 14963
Some sweet plate Brandon found in his box
id: 14964
James seems to be deep in concentration
id: 14965
James making a completely crazy face
id: 14966
"Turn the flash up all the way, I want to see what it can do. Ahhh holy shit!!"
id: 14967
Some gross old fruit
id: 14968
The stove is so far away from the wall
id: 14969
James checking out the stove pipe
id: 14970
He decided he likes it
id: 14971
"You look like you're representin' Steve Urkel!"
id: 14972
id: 14973
Brandon in the Dana Commons kitchen
id: 14974
James walks around an oven
id: 14975
Anyone want some pinapples?
id: 14976
James found some glasses
id: 14977
James looks around
id: 14978
We found a ladder
id: 14979
Super flash mode of Brandon climbing the myster ladder
id: 14980
Into the chamber
id: 14981
"I can't see anything!"
id: 14982
James meets The Raptor
id: 14983
Note the screen...
id: 14984
Joe arrives
id: 14985
Ultra flash mode strikes again
id: 14986
I think super flash mode is too powerful...
id: 14987
Brandon and Joe standing around
id: 14988
Brandon just flew in here from Australia...
id: 14989
A car drove by during an exposure
id: 14990
id: 14991
James gives a thumbs up
id: 14992
On the porch
id: 14993
Up the stairs..
id: 14994
id: 14995
Coming out of James' room
id: 14996
Joe meets the super flash mode
id: 14997
James on the couch
id: 14998
James is deep in concentration again
id: 14999
James walking by
id: 15000
Joe's friend
id: 15001
Standing around
id: 15002
Crazy, blurry James
id: 15003
Joe drank out of a huge jug
id: 15004
Brandon in the folding chair
id: 15005
Go Joe go
id: 15006
James does not approve of... something
id: 15007
Joe's friend makes a weird face
id: 15008
Playing with iTunes
id: 15009
id: 15010
In Joe's apartment.. nice window
id: 15011
James looks at.. something
id: 15012
Joe's friend
id: 15013
Brandon looks perplexed
id: 15014
Joe looks around
id: 15015
Hi Joe!
id: 15016
James hates radiator!
id: 15017
Joe's friend makes another crazy face
id: 15018
The taboo buzzer is so much fun
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