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Pictures taken on 07/22/06

id: 15019
Looking for team shirts at Salvation Army
id: 15020
Comparing different shirts
id: 15021
Nice shirt
id: 15022
The "A.C. Slater" shirt
id: 15023
Standing around Salvies
id: 15024
James found a referee shirt
id: 15025
It even had a badge!
id: 15026
"Mainely A-Cappella"
id: 15027
I refused to buy the Office XP shirt
id: 15028
Uhoh, Brandon found a weird shirt
id: 15029
id: 15030
Brandon's having some difficulty putting this shirt on
id: 15031
Time to button it up
id: 15032
James checks out some ties
id: 15033
Brandon puts on the finishing touches
id: 15034
Lookin' good!
id: 15035
Time for some glassware
id: 15036
id: 15037
James thought this was a really terrible cup..
id: 15038
...then he realized it was a candlestick holder
id: 15039
You can't even reach into this to get one!
id: 15040
Getting some cheap crap
id: 15041
James browses the rows of stuff
id: 15042
Sweet DVD in the cookware aisle
id: 15043
Gross used George Foreman grill
id: 15044
The glasses they ended up getting
id: 15045
James nearly bought this painting, too bad he didn't
id: 15046
Traveling through the creepy corridors of clothes
id: 15047
Want some Speeds?
id: 15048
It says "Free Video" but I feel like if I tried to leave with it they wouldn't have been pleased
id: 15049
Scary face thing
id: 15050
I wonder how many times people tried to buy this tree
id: 15051
"Why is there a rabbit, a pink rhino, and a panda at the north pole"
id: 15052
Lately they generally try to prevent Micahel Jackson from associating with children
id: 15053
Hey James, look what I found
id: 15054
Only $2.50
id: 15055
Another decent game
id: 15056
"A Bunch O' Hits" wow..
id: 15057
I can't believe I bought this
id: 15058
Brandon wearing... a stool?
id: 15059
id: 15060
Oh no! He's headed this way
id: 15061
Blurry arm
id: 15062
OK, that's enough of the stool game
id: 15063
Taking the stool off
id: 15064
Playing with color switcher mode
id: 15065
"Brandon, have you been eating pollen?"
id: 15066
James the smurf
id: 15067
The floor is red!
id: 15068
James is red!
id: 15069
Brandon with a sketchy look
id: 15070
Me sitting on the couch
id: 15071
Me and James
id: 15072
This is apparently James' actor headshot
id: 15073
Brandon in the chair
id: 15074
Crazy detailed Brandon
id: 15075
id: 15076
Action shot! That's his foot
id: 15077
James backing up
id: 15078
Driving to Moe's
id: 15079
"I see you!"
id: 15080
Brandon with the sign
id: 15081
Accepting the challenge!
id: 15082
Going into Moe's
id: 15083
Here we go!
id: 15084
This can't be what I think it is
id: 15085
Brandon prepares for the contest
id: 15086
The table of fate
id: 15087
So. Many. Burritos.
id: 15088
Almost time!
id: 15089
They're so big!
id: 15091
The time is here!
id: 15092
Heading over to the table
id: 15093
Can you see the tension mounting?
id: 15094
James is ready for support mode
id: 15095
Puke buckets, comming through
id: 15096
They even had a paramedic!
id: 15097
Brandon having the rules explained to him
id: 15098
The contestants ready themselves
id: 15099
Not as many people showed up as expected
id: 15100
Brandon listens intently to the rules
id: 15101
id: 15102
More competitors
id: 15103
Brandon waiting around
id: 15104
Almost time, Brandon!
id: 15105
Even the people on TV are watching!
id: 15106
id: 15107
Drawing numbers
id: 15108
id: 15109
id: 15110
id: 15111
Brandon's ready!
id: 15112
He'll in the second round
id: 15113
This is it!
id: 15114
Look at the size of those burritos!
id: 15115
Water for Brandon
id: 15116
He's ready
id: 15117
Almost time
id: 15118
Almost time!
id: 15119
It has begun!!
id: 15120
Go Brandon go!
id: 15121
He annihilated that first burrito
id: 15122
Don't forget the water!
id: 15123
Starting to feel it..
id: 15124
No longer having fun
id: 15125
Get it in there Brandon!
id: 15126
id: 15127
Post-competition depression
id: 15128
id: 15129
James tries to ligthen the mood
id: 15130
Depressed Brandon
id: 15131
Gotta get that whiskey open
id: 15132
Brandon looks for the cure for a ruptured stomach at the bottom of a whiskey bottle
id: 15133
Let it go Brandon, let it go
id: 15134
Too depressed to even put his sock on properly
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