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Pictures taken on 07/28/06

id: 15166
id: 15167
Mel driving
id: 15169
Mel driving along
id: 15170
Sooo rainy
id: 15171
id: 15172
A slug!
id: 15173
Check out this crazy slug!
id: 15174
Go slug go!
id: 15175
He made it pretty far
id: 15176
Hello slug
id: 15177
The whole slug
id: 15178
Neato sky
id: 15179
Even neato-er sky
id: 15180
Killing time at Target
id: 15181
Mel talks
id: 15182
Margaret won't smile
id: 15183
There she goes!
id: 15184
id: 15185
Mel gives someone or something a look
id: 15186
I bought the second Beavis and Butthead volume
id: 15187
I also bought the new game Halfe Life 2: Episode One
id: 15188
Mel's mini Simon
id: 15189
The moon!
id: 15190
The moon again
id: 15191
Margaret poses with Johnny Depp
id: 15192
Margaret's dream come true
id: 15193
Having fun Margaret?
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