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Pictures taken on 07/29/06

id: 15194
id: 15195
id: 15196
id: 15197
Mo is just hanging out
id: 15198
Mel harasses Mo
id: 15199
Stars! Click for detail
id: 15200
Mo gets a hat
id: 15201
Mo hates hat
id: 15202
Mo tries to escape
id: 15203
Go Mo go!
id: 15204
Packing DVDs
id: 15205
Mel's mom puts a DVD in an envelope
id: 15206
DVD orders
id: 15207
id: 15208
Transparent papers
id: 15209
A blur of activity
id: 15210
More transparent stuff
id: 15211
id: 15212
id: 15213
Mel moves around
id: 15214
Mel gets DVDs ready
id: 15215
Mel's mom cuts labels
id: 15216
Hi Mel!
id: 15217
id: 15218
Bailey put the white bowl down halfway through this exposure
id: 15219
Mel's mom is a ghost!
id: 15220
Our pieces in Scene It
id: 15221
I'm the camera
id: 15222
Mel's the clapper dealy and Bailey's the popcorn
id: 15223
Hi Bailey. Nice nose ring -_-
id: 15224
The Scene It board
id: 15225
Mel loves this game
id: 15226
id: 15227
Bailey rocks
id: 15228
The Scene It menu
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