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Pictures taken on 08/08/06

id: 15489
Mel hugs the completed buckyball
id: 15490
Hmm, this pose seems familiar..
id: 15491
270 PHiZZ units
id: 15492
Not bad lighting..
id: 15493
I'm glad I decided to use some color
id: 15494
A closeup
id: 15495
It's pretty sturdy
id: 15496
With the Coke bottle for scale
id: 15497
A little overexposed..
id: 15498
We decided to play catch with it!
id: 15499
Careful guys!
id: 15500
Mel has turned into some sort of origami zombie!!
id: 15501
Trying to strike a pose while it's in the air..
id: 15502
Oops, too late
id: 15503
Mel can make things float
id: 15504
Mel hides behind her teddy bear
id: 15505
Watching TV
id: 15506
Can you tell they're related?
id: 15507
I had some extra pieces so I made an origami shoe
id: 16664
So lumpy
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