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Pictures taken on 08/11/06

id: 15600
Turkeys in Mel's yard!!
id: 15601
I went outside to get a clearer image but they rand away
id: 15602
Spikes for Topaz's katamari
id: 15603
The pre-spiked katamari
id: 15604
"TV is fun... nuh."
id: 15605
id: 15606
Topaz's katamari!
id: 15607
A closeup
id: 15608
id: 15609
Time to shave Mo
id: 15610
Mo doesn't know how to feel about this
id: 15611
Snip snip snip
id: 15612
id: 15613
Mo has so much fur
id: 15614
He was just hanging limp
id: 15615
Lots of Mo fur
id: 15616
Bailey wanted to make a pillow
id: 15617
Bailey holds him down in case he freaks out
id: 15618
Bailey is having fuuuhhnnn
id: 15619
Snip snip snip
id: 15620
Mo didn't really care
id: 15621
He struggled a little, but not really
id: 15622
Shaving Mo...
id: 15623
Hold him down...
id: 15624
Mo is sick of this game
id: 15625
Snip snips snip
id: 15626
Mo's stupid head
id: 15627
Gross! Cat dandruff!
id: 15628
We almost gave him a bath
id: 15629
Mel is a nice person
id: 15630
Pretty day
id: 15631
A nice looking road
id: 15632
More nice clouds
id: 15633
A bridge
id: 15634
Empire chinese buffet! Good stuff!
id: 15635
We ended up paying with a bunch of ones
id: 15636
Bailey gets her head pulled off
id: 15637
Mel gets struck with some sort of photon torpedo
id: 15638
Bailey is in no mood for pictures
id: 15639
id: 15640
I guess they're always open since they can't change the sign
id: 15641
id: 15642
Bailey in the back
id: 15643
Katamari cousins!!
id: 15644
So many cousins!
id: 15645
They're eating that baby!!
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