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Pictures taken on 08/12/06

id: 15646
I took this by accident but it looks pretty cool
id: 15647
This is how we're rolling up the millino roses
id: 15648
Mo is all pakced and ready to go
id: 15649
You can't come Mo
id: 15650
Mo wants to come :(
id: 15651
Bailey's gross lens
id: 15652
id: 15653
Everyone loves Wikiw
id: 15654
Wiki sandwich?
id: 15655
Wiki is escaping!
id: 15656
Chill out Wiki
id: 15657
He's gotten a lot bigger
id: 15658
id: 15659
Hello WIki!
id: 15660
Old people make good drivers...
id: 15661
Look at him go
id: 15662
Another road
id: 15663
Driving driving driving
id: 15664
A big X in the sky! Neat contrails
id: 15665
id: 15666
H E L P me... make...this sign
id: 15667
Doughnut Inn II, the sequel
id: 15668
A weird t-shirt stand
id: 15669
This is how I move my stuff, in trash bags
id: 15670
Mel has replaced Elizabeth Rogers as the new RA
id: 15671
Mel has her own TV show!
id: 15672
Mel's new room!
id: 15673
id: 15674
The view from Mel's window
id: 15675
The view, with exposure set for clouds
id: 15676
You can see people in Maywood...
id: 15677
..and some goo coming off Dana
id: 15678
Mel's window seat but something's missing..
id: 15679
There we go, the seat is complete
id: 15680
id: 15681
No bed frames are necessary
id: 15682
I like how Mel stores her detergent
id: 15683
Making the bed
id: 15684
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