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Pictures taken on 08/18/06

id: 15757
So clever
id: 15758
I haven't played one of these games in years
id: 15759
I'm so badass
id: 15760
Shaved Mo!
id: 15761
Mo wants down
id: 15762
He's so soft!
id: 15763
Mo runs away
id: 15764
He looks so much smaller!
id: 15765
He's still pretty big though..
id: 15766
Mo is so awkward looking
id: 15767
Mo wants down
id: 15768
Mo: The zombie cat!
id: 15769
Don't look over there!
id: 15770
There he is!
id: 15771
He looks like a totally different cat
id: 15772
That looks like a familiar pose
id: 15773
He's so creepy with those eyes
id: 15774
Mo checks out his shorter, softer fur
id: 15775
Dance, Mo, Dance!
id: 15776
He looks so freaked out
id: 15777
What's going on over there?
id: 15778
Standing time is fun
id: 15779
I think he's sick of this game
id: 15780
Mo on the chair
id: 15781
Mo in defensive mode
id: 15782
Mel brings out the glove so she can mess with him
id: 15783
Biting the glove will not help, Mo
id: 15784
Petting Mo
id: 15785
He looks like such a nutcase
id: 15786
At this point he didn't really care any more
id: 15787
What a tiny tent
id: 15788
These were obviously models, but they were still funny
id: 15789
Tiny sleeping bags!
id: 15790
Putting together Mel's chair
id: 15791
Mel's having fun
id: 15792
Who needs the bottom half?
id: 15793
All done!
id: 15794
id: 15795
I made a tiny buckyball
id: 15796
120 pieces!
id: 15797
Mel's bear likes the origami
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