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Pictures taken on 08/20/06

id: 15900
Lots of PHiZZ units
id: 15901
These smaller ones take less time to make
id: 15902
Squares turn into PHiZZ units
id: 15903
Ahhh I made way more!!
id: 15904
I didn't have much to do
id: 15905
id: 15906
Dad says "Wants some coat hangers??"
id: 15907
"Why'd you buy some? I've got a bunch"
id: 15908
The grill!
id: 15909
id: 15910
The grill I'm going to bring out to Clark
id: 15911
My dad's tenants leave the craziest stuff behind
id: 15912
id: 15913
Gotta let the flames kick up again
id: 15914
Now I'm hungry
id: 15915
Want a baked potato?
id: 15916
A nice overview of the grill
id: 15917
My dad turns over a potato
id: 15918
You've gotta love it. The USA shirt, the beer, the grill, perfect.
id: 15919
"What're you doing on my property?"
id: 15920
id: 15921
id: 15922
Underexposed fire
id: 15923
My dad's flag
id: 15924
This plant is older that I am..
id: 15925
id: 15926
Lots of smoke
id: 15927
Blurry smoke
id: 15928
So much smoke
id: 15929
Playing with zoom. Hi bird.
id: 15930
A flower!
id: 15931
Flower with blurry background
id: 15932
More flowers
id: 15933
It's darker orange
id: 15934
There's a good flower
id: 15935
Garlic and peppers!
id: 15936
Awesome when grilled
id: 15937
Hungry? This picture just might satisfy you
id: 15938
Yellow flowers
id: 15939
With this camera I can just make my own desktops!
id: 15940
id: 15941
Something's been eating these flowers..
id: 15942
Both kinds of floweres
id: 15943
Another nice desktop?
id: 15944
Berry things
id: 15945
I wouldn't eat them..
id: 15947
Replace sky blue with red and you get ARMAGEDDON!!
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