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Pictures taken on 08/21/06

id: 15948
id: 15949
An X-ray of my mouth from when I still had wisdom teeth
id: 15950
A really old X-ray from when I still had braces
id: 15951
My teeth!
id: 15952
More of my teeth!
id: 15953
When you can see the insides like that they look like cartoon teeth
id: 15954
They just pointed this thing at my head
id: 15955
The after shots from my braces... the befores are in the next batch I think
id: 15956
A really creep mouth model thing
id: 15957
Construction on Main Street
id: 15958
Busting up the street
id: 15959
Dumping the asphalt in the truck
id: 15960
Scrapey scrapey
id: 15961
Pouring aslphalt into the truck
id: 15962
There were a lot of barrels
id: 15963
I think it's neat how it bends like that
id: 15964
A big pile of dirt outside the new middle school
id: 15965
That stupid red dot
id: 15966
Guys working on the building
id: 15967
MHS added a new wheelchair ramp
id: 15968
This wasn't sketchy or anything...
id: 15969
Peeking through holes in the fence
id: 15970
Some guys working
id: 15971
A better shot of the skeleton of the building
id: 15972
The crane starts to move
id: 15973
Cool clouds
id: 15974
Stupid bird
id: 15975
Moving a beam
id: 15976
The crane makes it look so easy
id: 15977
id: 15978
Dudes on a cherry picker
id: 15979
This guy's putting bolts in or something
id: 15980
A bunch of concrete chunks
id: 15981
Dirt and puddles
id: 15982
A farther back shot of the middle school
id: 15983
Exposure set to show inside of the buildling
id: 15984
Need some rocks?
id: 15985
These guys could totally set you up with some rocks.
id: 15986
A dude sitting on a beam
id: 15987
Carefully guiding it into place
id: 15988
Almost there!
id: 15989
Digging a hole
id: 15990
I think it's neat how they stand like that
id: 15991
Almost done!
id: 15992
Another side of the building
id: 15993
Some guys..
id: 15994
New middle school
id: 15995
That thing seems unsafe
id: 15996
The cherry picker guys again
id: 15997
Yet another side of the building
id: 15998
Putting yellow stuff on the side
id: 15999
This sign always make me kind of laugh
id: 16000
A blimp!
id: 16001
$00 fine eh? I think I'll take that chance
id: 16002
Balanced rocks
id: 16003
A messed up looking cat
id: 16004
He looks like he could die right now
id: 16005
While playing with optical zoom combined with digital zoom, I got this shot of Bob Downey from 470 feet
id: 16006
id: 16007
Hi Strawberry!
id: 16008
Don't you sniff my lens
id: 16009
I keel you
id: 16010
Strawberry in the window
id: 16011
Some origami directions for me to use later.. you can use it too if you want
id: 16012
A neato Columbia patch that James got for me at the Smithsonian
id: 16013
I'll put it on my bag when I get to school
id: 16014
I took this from across the room with digital zoom
id: 16015
I finally faced the megaflash myself
id: 16016
Overexposed living room
id: 16017
Isabelle walks up to Becky
id: 16018
Becky and Isabelle
id: 16019
Their expressions are priceless
id: 16020
Isabelle makes a run for it
id: 16021
id: 16022
"Gimme a kiss!"
id: 16023
id: 16024
Isabelle escapes
id: 16025
Isabelle in the window
id: 16026
Strawberry approaches...
id: 16027
id: 16028
id: 16029
My mom has come to dread this view
id: 16030
Stupid cat
id: 16031
He gets even closer...
id: 16032
...until he's in your face
id: 16033
The origami ball I made over the winter is holding up well
id: 16034
A desktopish picture
id: 16035
Lots of pieces
id: 16036
See how they connect?
id: 16037
The icosahedron!
id: 16038
Taken from across the room with digital zoom
id: 16039
My cellphone's keypad in super closer up mode
id: 16040
My cellphone's screen in super macro
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