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Pictures taken on 08/25/06

id: 16136
Brandon, Mike and Bryce
id: 16137
Laura and Mike's friend Teresa
id: 16138
Some crazy bug bite that James got
id: 16139
ID card shown for scale
id: 16140
Sitting around
id: 16141
Zoomed in Mike!
id: 16142
Brandon made his own hot sauce
id: 16143
Unfortunately, the homemade hotsauce makes you go insane
id: 16144
A little dab'll do you
id: 16145
Bryce pours some coke
id: 16146
Getting ready to disperse for supplies
id: 16147
James, Bryce, Mike, and Laura
id: 16148
Ladies first
id: 16149
Bryce's face.. melted...
id: 16150
Store 24
id: 16151
Bryce really looks like he's stealing something, especially when you look in the mirror
id: 16152
Brandon tries to decide if he should get a sandwich
id: 16153
So many decisions
id: 16154
id: 16155
Waiting in line
id: 16156
"This is a good deal!"
id: 16157
Paying for crap
id: 16158
Brandon didn't buy anything.. I think
id: 16159
These guys are still paying for stuff
id: 16160
Hi Bryce
id: 16161
id: 16162
Bryce makes a grab for the stuff
id: 16163
How tall are they?
id: 16164
Back in the darkness
id: 16165
Waiting to cross Main Street
id: 16166
This turned out pretty good for a handheld long exposure
id: 16167
Walking down Oliver St
id: 16168
We found a cat!
id: 16169
In the lighting my conditions, it was tough to get a good picture
id: 16170
James said "if he follows us into the apartment we're keeping him.. and naming him Fuzzy-Wuz"
id: 16171
id: 16172
Bye kitty!
id: 16173
James puts stuff away in his room
id: 16174
Bryce on the backwards couch
id: 16175
He's playing Banjo-Kazooie
id: 16176
Brandon seems somewhat disapproving
id: 16177
Notice how Bryce barely moves in this series of pictures
id: 16178
"Are you taking pictures?"
id: 16179
Bryce still hasn't moved
id: 16180
This one is just funny for some reason
id: 16181
When I zoomed in it got kind of creepy
id: 16182
It's like Bryce is a midget or something
id: 16183
James checks his goblet
id: 16184
"Are you taking pictures of me??"
id: 16185
Little known fact, Mike is 002
id: 16186
Brandon, as seen through the wide angle lens that doesn't fit
id: 16187
Creepy distorted Mike
id: 16188
James with his huge stein
id: 16189
It's way too big
id: 16190
He bought a forty just so he could use it
id: 16191
He seems to be enjoying it
id: 16192
Brandon had a normal sized glass
id: 16193
It's bigger than his head!
id: 16194
Mike's using his wide angle lens
id: 16195
Teresa describes.. something
id: 16196
Mike meets the megaflash
id: 16197
Mike changes some camera settings
id: 16198
Oh no, I'm on the wrong end of the lens
id: 16199
Teresa checks out the video game
id: 16200
Brandon hate game!
id: 16201
Mike was moving way too much during this picture..
id: 16202
Mike sitting around
id: 16203
Teresa with a beer
id: 16204
Teresa sitting around
id: 16205
Laura listens to a story
id: 16206
Teresa's awesome camera and Mike's camera with the wide angle lens
id: 16207
James doing.. something
id: 16208
Bryce got these in Japan
id: 16209
I don't think Rei would be a very nice nurse
id: 16210
This is a little blurry, I'll get his whole collection one of these days
id: 16211
Brandon and James totally weren't checking out the new dorm's construction site
id: 16212
Brandon got mud all over the hallway outside my room
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