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Pictures taken on 08/26/06

id: 15751
I adjusted this one so that the bed was in the same place as the other panos
id: 16213
Mel's ocarina arrived at last!!
id: 16214
I put the Sharpie there for scale
id: 16215
The triforce symbol
id: 16216
It fits right into your hand
id: 16217
Mel on stage during the RA skit section
id: 16218
id: 16219
Maybe a good desktop?
id: 16220
Mel and another RA
id: 16221
Explaining something?
id: 16222
id: 16223
15 second exposure time! This is the library at dusk
id: 16224
Lights and part of the Goddard memorial
id: 16225
Some people on the green
id: 16226
Joe walked by during this one
id: 16227
A van turning onto Downing
id: 16228
Freud got leid
id: 16229
My shadow
id: 16230
Traffic on Main Street as seen from Red Square
id: 16231
Some dark trees
id: 16232
Jonas Clark at dusk
id: 16233
Somone turned on the light in this one!
id: 16234
The Bistro at night
id: 16235
The Bistro with the new bio building in the background
id: 16236
The UC
id: 16237
This guy was looking for something in the grass and was so still he looks fine in this 15 second picture
id: 16238
An awesome picture of the new bio building
id: 16239
Sackler's lights look neat
id: 16240
The new bio building again
id: 16241
Can 2010 really be that close??
id: 16242
There was a big cloud coming in
id: 16243
One of the bridges connecting the Biophysics building with Sackler
id: 16244
Creepy Maywood
id: 16245
Dana Hall's all sparkly!
id: 16246
Dana Commons. If you look carefully you can see a blur that is...
id: 16247
Bryce, James, and Brandon. They want to use this image for an album cover or something
id: 16248
Bryce talks to McKeed on Skype
id: 16249
Bryce was on Brett's bed before Brett even got here
id: 16250
James seems pretty excited
id: 16251
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