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Pictures taken on 08/30/06

id: 16303
Breakfast at the caf... yum
id: 16304
Look what Mel found
id: 16305
id: 16306
Japanese class is still pretty full since not a lot of people have dropped it yet
id: 16307
See Bryce?
id: 16308
Brett in Japanese class
id: 16309
Prof Rudolph looks like he's thinking "...I didn't teach this..."
id: 16310
Steve and Nagraj
id: 16311
Nothing more fun than Topology in the morning, right guys?
id: 16312
Weird closeup
id: 16313
Migrating to a new room
id: 16314
Waiting in the hall
id: 16315
Professor Rudolph
id: 16316
A Clark nalgene
id: 16317
Prof. Rudolph looks a little crazy
id: 16318
Topology NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
id: 16319
Prof. Rudolph hangs on for dear life
id: 16320
Can anybody read this???
id: 16321
Gotta love the lights that face the window
id: 16322
The motion detector hanging off the ceiling
id: 16323
I took this from all the way across the room with digital zoom
id: 16324
Prof. Joyce gets his overhead projector ready
id: 16325
Yep, that's the date
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