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Pictures taken on 08/31/06

id: 16326
A long exposure of a helicopter flying by
id: 16327
I didn't get this one as well..
id: 16328
The helicopter kept doing orbits around some place on Park Ave
id: 16329
I like how you can see the blinky lights on the bottom
id: 16330
We're not allowed into the Peapod show yet
id: 16331
The squad gets ready on stage
id: 16332
Zoom sure is fun
id: 16333
Can we come in yet?
id: 16334
Derks sat like this until the show started
id: 16335
Creeps under the curtain
id: 16336
id: 16337
I see you back there
id: 16338
Jason and Dan showed up, but Dan's face fell off
id: 16339
The opening was a spoof on "Paul Revere" by the Beastie Boys
id: 16340
It was quite impressive
id: 16341
Unfortunately I just didn't have the battery power to take a video
id: 16342
Does anyone have a video of this?
id: 16343
Derks supplied the music
id: 16344
Emily and Mel are having fun on stage
id: 16345
Brendan's all blurry
id: 16346
Derks died somehow
id: 16347
Danny is always moving
id: 16348
Opening's over
id: 16349
Brendan explains Freeze and Live
id: 16350
Mel and Danny get ready
id: 16351
Mel's a blur!
id: 16352
Look out Danny!
id: 16353
Danny seems surprised that Mel can fly
id: 16354
Mel kicks Danny
id: 16355
Brendan is a worm?
id: 16356
Go Wormdan!
id: 16357
I completely forget what is going on here
id: 16358
Is he cutting off his head?
id: 16359
Passport shows up as the first audience member to ever participate in Freeze and Live
id: 16360
He wasn't bad
id: 16361
Ok, yes he was
id: 16362
Passport's turn is over
id: 16363
And another audience member jumps in!
id: 16364
Something about heroin...
id: 16365
Three audience members participated in freeze and live but I didn't get hte third guy's picture... and Mel doesn't care
id: 16366
Derks and Danny
id: 16367
Mel's got a whistle
id: 16368
Emily got crucified
id: 16369
Mel and Brendan in work excuses
id: 16370
Danny in Oxygen Deprivation
id: 16371
Danny needs help!!
id: 16372
Derks comes out of the water tank
id: 16373
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