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Pictures taken on 09/03/06

id: 16374
Brett playing Half Life 2: Deathmatch
id: 16375
Mel's got a bag full of laundry
id: 16376
Death magnets!
id: 16377
id: 16378
id: 16379
id: 16380
Wiki's not sure about that camera
id: 16381
id: 16382
Wiki comes after the camera!!
id: 16383
Get your nose away from the lens!
id: 16384
"Must.. climb... head"
id: 16385
Wiki struggles up the side of Mel's head
id: 16386
Mel helps him out a little
id: 16387
Wiki's slipping!
id: 16388
He made it!
id: 16389
Mel's not sure about this situation
id: 16390
Wiki heads for the crack in the couch
id: 16391
Wiki's "cavemaning out"
id: 16392
"Go away"
id: 16393
There he is!
id: 16394
He's gotten bigger
id: 16395
Wiki closeup
id: 16396
Hey Wiki
id: 16397
Still trying to figure out my camera..
id: 16398
Hi Mel
id: 16399
He looks much smaller when you put him in an open area
id: 16400
id: 16401
"Hey... what are you doing?"
id: 16402
"I'm... going over here now"
id: 16403
"Oh noes, a wall"
id: 16404
"Hmm, you're still here huh?"
id: 16405
"What's over there?"
id: 16406
Wiki straings to get a good view of... something
id: 16407
Mel's dad plays with the spinning thing
id: 16408
Blinded by the light..
id: 16409
id: 16410
Watch your face
id: 16411
This stupid thing was a lot of fun
id: 16412
Flying thign catch
id: 16413
Action shot!
id: 16414
Mel's dad looks like he's up to no good
id: 16415
Bailey hangs upside down
id: 16416
Mel says "she looks like a goblin!"
id: 16417
Go Bailey go
id: 16418
This picture is really funny for some reason
id: 16419
Mel jumps into the middle
id: 16420
Shaved Mo
id: 16421
Mo looks right
id: 16422
Mo looks left
id: 16423
Mo looks... into my camera!
id: 16424
"His tail is so fluffy!"
id: 16425
Aww, Mo
id: 16426
Mo's trying to escape
id: 16427
There is no escape for Mo
id: 16428
Hi Mel
id: 16429
I found this picture of Mo before he was shaved
id: 16430
Mo was SO BIG
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