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Pictures taken on 09/13/06

id: 16474
The retainer goo.. holder...thing
id: 16475
The shiny bit on the stick
id: 16476
They fill this with goo and put it in my mouth
id: 16477
Rubber bands for braces
id: 16478
Some sort of box
id: 16479
Retainer colors
id: 16480
I forgot to pick one
id: 16481
The neato rubber bowl, minus the goo
id: 16482
Care for a mouthful of goo?
id: 16483
He uses curtains as a cape
id: 16484
I fell on the escalator
id: 16485
It didn't hurt that much, but it bled a lot
id: 16486
All fixed.. kind of
id: 16487
Those sharp sharp teeth
id: 16488
There were a lot of people working on the T
id: 16489
Some constructing dude
id: 16491
Whoops! This dude was looking right at me!
id: 16492
Some airplane
id: 16493
Another Half Life 2 -esque picture
id: 16494
This dude's walking around in the water!
id: 16495
What's he up to
id: 16496
The fountain
id: 16497
A shorter exposure of the fountain
id: 16498
James outside the mall
id: 16499
James is with that arrow
id: 16500
Waiting to get into the Apple store
id: 16501
I really liked the focus blurring on this
id: 16502
An ouchies from a few days ago. Stupid shelf thing
id: 16503
This ad was wicked weird
id: 16504
Ah, the genius bar. Home of the geniuses
id: 16505
We found Mars!
id: 16506
See? Mars
id: 16507
My new toy, the Phlat Ball. Now it's a frisbee...
id: 16508
Now it's a ball!
id: 16509
The Zakim Bridge
id: 16510
Zoomed in on the Zakim Bridge
id: 16511
Commuter rail
id: 16512
The Moo-Flower
id: 16513
Stupid cow
id: 16514
Trojan cow
id: 16515
Hallo Trojan cow
id: 16519
I met this soldier guy outside of the train station
id: 16520
He's a cool guy. Good luck out there man!
id: 16521
Mike's new LCD TV
id: 16522
A firetruck and a police car outside my room. Note Aoi's lights on the left
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