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Pictures taken on 10/08/06

id: 16878
Mike and Brett teamed up against me in Magic
id: 16879
"We're gonna kick your ass"
id: 16880
A pretty tree
id: 16881
Some weird cable in Back Bay station
id: 16882
Becky with her new car
id: 16883
Dad figures out how to screw the front license plate on
id: 16884
He eventually had to drill in
id: 16885
Becky poses with his license plate
id: 16886
There was a small dent in the back
id: 16887
Some bird in a tree
id: 16888
Who comes up with these names?
id: 16889
Becky's shopping
id: 16890
id: 16891
Doo doooo doodoodoo
id: 16892
Becky looks oddly suspicious with that bunch of bananas
id: 16893
More strange hybrid fruits
id: 16894
Since when did Shaw's have a Wild Oats section?
id: 16895
Take it to the MAX with max cola!!
id: 16896
Becky browses the ramen section
id: 16897
id: 16898
That's gross becky
id: 16899
Ah yes, small, cold, hard, circular toast. My favorite
id: 16900
Who's that nerd?
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